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Welcome To The Forefront Of Cognitive Excellence, Where Unparalleled Mental Preparation Meets Extraordinary Performance. At High Performance Brain Training, We Specialize In Equipping Athletes, Entrepreneurs, And Celebrities With Cutting-Edge Brain Strategies To Propel Them To The Summit Of Their Respective Fields.

Nazareth Tufenkjian

Co-Founder and CEO

Founders Statement

Unveiling A Revolutionary Innovative Training Program

Thrilled To Share With You The Culmination Of 17 Years Of Dedication, Passion, And Unwavering Commitment To Excellence. As A Visionary With A Master’s In Sports Psychology, Meticulously Crafted A Groundbreaking Program Designed To Elevate Performance In High-Intensity Environments. This Innovative Initiative Stems From A Deep-Rooted Belief In The Power Of Evidence-Based Strategies, Tried, Proven, And Meticulously Researched, All Backed By Neuroscience. The Comprehensive Development Process Involved A Thorough Understanding Of Global Needs, As Evidenced By A Survey Spanning 72 Countries.

Empowering Minds, Igniting Excellence – Revolutionizing Human Potential through High Performance Brain Training. Our commitment goes beyond the standard; we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives and careers of our clients.

About HPBT 

HPBT is A Deliberate Intentional Form Of Brain Training That Uses Strategies Through Targeting Specific Brain Cells To Generate Desired Responses.

The Ultimate Objective Of HPBT Is To Increase The Mental Capacity Of The Person And To Achieve This We Train And Equip Our Clients With High Performance Brain Strategies And Coping Skills Till We Reach The Highest Levels Of Success And The Person Becomes Confident In Applying Brain Strategies And Eventually Becoming A High Performer. 

Our Services

At High Performance Brain Training, We Are Pioneers In Delivering Groundbreaking Brain Training And Mental Preparation Programs Tailored For Elite Athletes, Entrepreneurs, And Celebrities.


Analyzing And Solving Performance Dysfunction


Performance Enhancement


Mental Preparation

How We Work


  • Interaction: Clients Initiate Their Engagement By Contacting Us And Requesting A Consultation Session.
  • Needs Analysis: During The Consultation, The Team Assesses The Individuals’ Current Performance.
  • Training Plan: A Tailored Training Program Is Set To Meet Individuals’ Needs And Goals.



Analyzing And Solving Performance Dysfunction

1- Identification Of Dysfunctions: Clients Experiencing Issues Such As Anxiety, Anger, Distraction, Or Mental Fatigue.

2- Cognitive Skills Training: Individuals Are Taught Cognitive Skills And Strategies To Overcome These Dysfunctions.

3- Example Scenario: For Instance, A Client Recovering From A Previous Accident May Undergo Training To Alleviate Anxiety And Enhance Brain Performance For Upcoming Competitions Or Events.


Performance Enhancement

1- Optimizing Abilities: Techniques And Strategies Are Implemented To Optimize Cognitive Abilities, Contributing To High Performance.

2- Using Cutting-Edge Technologies And Accessories To Enhance Brain Processing Speed, Capacity, And Endurance.


Mental Preparation: Onsite / Remote Support

1 Physical Presence: Trainers Are Physically Available For Competitions And Events.

2- Pre-Event Preparation: Approximately 20 Minutes, Trainers Work With Individuals To Ensure They Are Mentally Prepared, Going Through Strategies And Mental Activities.

Evidence-Based Research


According to a recent research double screening of 60 studies, it has been suggested that elite athletes experience a broadly comparable risk of high-prevalence (i.e. anxiety, depression) relative to the general population. ₁ In HPBT we target this performance dysfunction to fix then Maintain and enhance the Skill or the Task. For Example, While One Athlete May Feel the Need To Solve Issues Related To Anxiety, High Temper And Confidence Due To Past Injuries Or Accidents, Others May Need To Improve Focus, Setting Strategic Goals, Exhibiting Faster Response Rate, And Experiencing Greater Confidence Prior To An Important Competition. Moreover, Imagery Has Received Considerable Academic Attention According to Short Et Al (2002), Remains One of the Most Popular Intervention Techniques Delivered in Sport.


According to UTE STEPHAN Aston University: "Interest in entrepreneurs' mental health and well-being (MWB) is growing in recognition of the role of MWB in entrepreneurs' decision-making, motivation and action". At HPBT we help entrepreneurs Maintain High Focus Capacity And Endurance , Delaying Mental Fatigue Caused By Jet Lags, Multiple Meetings, Business And Employees Requests. After The Training Program, Entrepreneurs Are Able to Make Decisions Despite Of Environmental Demands and Pressures, Equipping Them with Brain Strategies Shaping Their Mindset, Efficiency in Taking Adequate Decisions, Increasing And Maintaining Confidence, Which Reflects On Their Personal And Organizational Well-Being.


Brain Training Has Helped Celebrities Achieve High Performance By Providing A Tailored Program That Aims To Eliminate Nervousness, Tension, And Anxiety, Especially Before Facing A Big Crowd, Also Enhancing Through Training The Ability To Block Irrelevant Distractions, Maintaining Confidence And Posture That In Return Reflects On Their Performance Leading To A More Successful And Promising Career.

Our Team


Fatima Alhamdan


” As a dedicated Executive Assistant with efficiency and precision With  passion for excellence, strategic thinking, meticulous time management, and unwavering commitment I transform challenges into opportunities. Indeed, behind every successful organization and a great leader is a skilled executive assistant that ensures everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, as a medical consultant I ensure you are perfectly fit for your training as well as I accompany the team during the games or competitions to provide immediate medical care if needed”.


Ms. Karina Solatre Swazey


” The role of an Administrative Assistant goes beyond a simple job title; it’s a role of distinction for those who are crucial in boosting the company’s productivity. An exceptional administrative professional stands out due to their grace, expertise, determination, innovative solutions, positive attitude, constant warmth, and goal achievement. My job includes the careful management of private information to ensure its confidentiality, maintain security, and comply with regulatory standards. Mastery of time management is essential, as it involves the careful monitoring and timely fulfillment of multiple tasks. Delivering outstanding customer service is an integral part of my duties, vital for successful cooperation. We are dedicated to providing first-rate support to all our customers, handling their issues with finesse, and always portraying our company positively. A fundamental aspect of our business’s growth is nurturing an environment that invigorates everyone”.

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